Maddhu Kapoor – Melbourne’s Queen of Iconic Looks

If you were to look up the definition of beauty then its defined as aesthetically pleasing. There’s also a mathematical formula to determine whether something or someone is beautiful or not? It’s called the Golden Ratio, which is 1.618:1 (where 1.618 is called Phi) and it’s the ratio that appears recurrently in beautiful things in nature. Wow!

But what is beautiful to one might not be so to another, after all beauty lies on the eyes of the beholder. And if you were to ask me, I’ll say every woman is beautiful in her own way. Nobody is perfect but everybody is beautiful. And it’s the inner beauty that ultimately
shines through.

That is significantly personified by none other than Maddhu Kapoor, the most genteel and gorgeous person you’ll ever meet. She loves everyone and everyone loves her. She has been in the beauty industry for decades now and every time she comes to a party, its really hard to recognise her because she is the creator of glamorous disguises. Whether its Rajasthani Royal look, Superhero with pink outfit, Spanish Senora or Bollywood diva, Maddhu Kapoor creates and carries the look effortlessly and graciously.

Maddhuji, as everyone calls her, not only creates this magic for herself but also for hundreds of women who visit her salon, Sparkle Beauty and Health, in Point Cook. She loves what she does and is really good at it.

I got a chance to speak to Maddhuji and here’s part of our convo,

What motivated you to start Sparkle Beauty and Health?

Personality is Confidence and it only gets better when you look and feel beautiful in n out. I feel every woman should feel about herself this way and I am people’s person I wanted to bring out this happiness around me. I had done my beauty school from India. And Makeup School from New Zealand I’ve an experience of 28 years in this industry. It’s been 7 years since I opened Sparkle here in Sanctuary lakes Point Cook.

What advice would you give to women who don’t look after themselves as they get busy with work and family? 

Schedule a time for yourself firstly.
If as a woman you can’t look after yourself how are you going look after your family?
Respect yourself. Respect your Body n Soul. Indulge without guilt.
Meditation and Pampering can help de-stress yourself and help you focus.

I’ve known you for quite some time now and to me you are a beautiful person in and out. What’s your secret about loving and being so kind to everyone unconditionally? 

That’s very kind of you to think like this my dear friend. Yes, it’s hard to keep everyone happy around you all the time in today’s fast life … But with my experience, I have noticed that thinking about yourself that easiest things around you on many levels. And lending your ears to others problems and to be helpful to others is the best feeling ever. Spreading laughter and love around me is my best hobby.  Getting Pampered and loved
always shine you in n out.

With such a lovely soul it’s no wonder that Maddhuji is blessed with beauty and loads of loving people. And to share the love of beauty, Maddhuji has an exclusive offer for our readers!

1 full hour of facial for only $50!!

So, it’s time to pamper yourself for your next special occasion or simply to feel good about yourself after a long week of hard work. Enjoy and feel like a diva at Sparkle Beauty & Health.