Stem Birds – Shalaka Ekbote

Stem Birds – Shalaka Ekbote

Today we are exploring STEM which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Sounds boring or overbearing? It shouldn’t coz it’s all around us and we use it in our everyday lives at all times.

Whether you are using your phone to read this blog, or paying your bill with a tap of your credit card or even predicting weather, STEM is at the core of it. With the advancement of information and technology, we are using it more and more and will be consuming it even more in the future.

And when we talk about future, we think of future generations. STEM is important for our kids to learn because the earlier they start, the earlier they are going to know it, understand it and embrace it. People generally think of scientists and lab coats the moment STEM is mentioned, which is a bit archaic because it is so much more than that.

We are going to talk to Shalaka Ekbote who runs STEM Birds in Point Cook and here’s what she has to say about it.

1. Tell us what STEM Birds program is all about? 
STEM Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths  21st Century kids needs to learn all aspects of STEM. The world is changing much faster than the existing education system. We need to prepare our kids to get ready for new challenges in the world. They need to adapt STEM skills that they will require in future when they grow up.

For that at STEM Birds we offer various classes for kids of different age groups starting from prep kids to grade 8 kids. It helps kids to

  • Develop their logical thinking,
  • Enhance fine motor skills,
  • Improve maths skills,
  • Learn computer programming,
  • Learn robotics.

Especially in robotics and computer coding kids get all hands-on learning experience. In computer programming kids learn block programming and learn to make stories, games, animations in 2D and 3D environment. Kids get to design, build and Program different robots. In STEM Birds classes Kids learn different types of education Robots like OZOBOT, Sphero, Robotron, Lego Boost, VEX Robotics, Little bits electronic circuits and
much more.

2. What motivated you to start the program? 
I have completed my MS in software engineering and Telecommunication and BE in Electronics and Telecommunication engineering. I have been working in IT industry for more than 6 yrs. So, I have special interest in technology and robotics.  I always enjoy when kids are around. I have also completed my certification in education support, I worked in school as a part of education support certification which helped me to build my interest to work with children and then I decided to do something for children in technology. So initially I started to teach computer coding to kids and then robotics with it so that they can apply their knowledge in real world.  I have started STEM Birds classes 2 years ago.

3. What your most favourite part about STEM birds? 
Most favourite part is to look at the happy faces of kids and parents after every lesson. Kids learn new things in each and every class of STEM Birds. After every lesson, kids are so excited to tell their parents what game they made. and which robot they programmed and how it works.

Such an amazing insight into the world of STEM. And for our readers, there’s a special offer! These school holidays, enrol your kids to one of the STEM Birds programs and receive 5% OFF the total cost! Enjoy!