Vrushti Mehta

Vrushti Mehta

When you are planning on purchasing land or a new build or a renovating your existing home/office in the Melbourne western suburbs but don’t know where to begin, then it’s time to book your initial design consultation with Vrushti to get started with realising your ideas for your next dream project.

Vrushti Mehta is the brains behind Blissful Abode and can help you transform your vision to reality. I talked to Vrushti about the process of getting started and here’s what she had to say.

What to expect

This design consultation is your First Step in the “Blissful” process and could take about 2-hours at your home or commercial space. It gives you a good overview of how we can assist you in realising your dream space, and if our approaches align then we may be the right fit to work with each other.

This also gives us a chance to sit together and discuss your design brief and scope of works. Vrushti, with her intensive background in architecture, interiors and spiritual aspects of Vastu/ Feng Shui design, is one of the best people to offer you some initial advice on design layouts, colour & styles and ways we can work together to bring your dream into reality.

During this time she will also gather detailed notes, photos and measurements of the areas and will be open to answer any questions or concerns you may have about the process and discuss next steps in further detail.

It is a paid consultation so please feel free to inquire about the fees involved or if you have any questions, simply book your first FREE 15 minutes phone appointment.

What to prepare

  1. Once you have booked your initial design consultation with us, we shall send you a short questionnaire for you to fill in your ideas and some basic requirements. This may require you to think about your project in little more depth and will help bring more clarity.
  2. It would be good idea to start collecting some inspirations on the styles and colours that you love. Feel free to browse online and put some magazine cut-outs to bring your ideas together in a visual way ready for this first meeting.
  3. It would be an advantage if you could send out plans or architectural drawings before hand (if possible), or please have them handy during your consultation.

4. Think about practicality, affordability and your investment for this project. A clear and realistic budget and time frames in mind shall determine the success of the project. Honestly, it is one of hardest topics to discuss with clients but also one of the most important ones as well, because there is no point in working on something that is not achievable at the end of the day.

Please have some idea of what you can spend and how much time you are able to spare and we will be happy to work accordingly.

There is no doubt that a good design adds more value than it adds cost, so why leave the future of your investment down to chance?

The wait is over, book your initial consultation with us today or email us at info@blissfulabode.com.au

So folks, it’s time to build your dream home and Vrushti is the person you need to design it to your preference. Call her today!