Sudhir Juneja – Brands and Biz

Sudhir Juneja – Brands and Biz

Starting a new business is extremely challenging when don’t have much experience in it. And if you’ve have had a couple of failures in the past then it adds all the more to your doubts and worries. This is where a good business coach can make all the difference and that’s what Sudhir Juneja at Brands and Biz is all about.

Even before you start investing, it is a good idea to run it by a professional to see its feasibility. I approached Sudhirji when I hosted my first event in 2017. Since then he has guided and helped me to create a brand of my own and is always there to lend a hand if there’s a problem.

There are businesses that have been operating for a while but have plateaued, and this is where Sudhirji can help, reinventing your brand and get things rolling. There’s always room for improvement and Brands and Biz can help you achieve that.

With Business Guild, Marketing Guild, and Juneja Foundation, Sudhirji is always busy helping businesses and community and so it was great talking to him about Brand and Biz. Here are a few excerpts from the meeting.

1. When and why did you start Brands and Biz?

Brands and Biz started its operations in 2016. The business focuses on business coaching and consulting for small and medium-sized businesses.

The business started with the vision of helping individuals and businesses who are not operating at full capacity. Our mission is to fill the idle capacity of highly skilled people around. I see a huge gap in the current status and the potential in people.

We have evolved and have also started providing many much-needed services over the past 3 years to fill the gaps, like, digital media marketing and business networking services. We will be launching many products and business services in Australia soon.

2. What inspires and motivates you the most?

I am inspired by new ideas and ways of thinking.
Ability to make a difference and add value to people around me motivates me the most. To do more, I avoid energy vampires 🙂

I look for opportunities to find the right people to work with, so as to multiply the impact of work I do. It helps me find and work with many people successfully. Finding the right partners in business is as critical in business as having a good life partner in life.

3. What’s the most important skill that a businessman/woman must possess to succeed?

In my opinion, as such, there is no one such success skill or pill. It’s a cocktail of many qualities and skills.

Also, I see a person as a professional and don’t see them as a business man or a businesswoman. Both genders are equal to professionals.

A business person may or may not have these qualities and skills; you can always find a mentor or coach to get trained.

A business person must have integrity, be trust worthy, and be approachable.

A business person must have these skills – a holistic understanding of all areas of business, ability to identify opportunities, the capability to take the risk, commercially savvy, make decisions, action-oriented, ability to work with people, ready to adapt to change and have an insatiable hunger to succeed.

There’s a lot you can do to propel your business and Sudhir Juneja at Brands and Biz can help you with that. Contact him Today!